April 2007

Pilar Day 10 Bahrain

Sand, Sea, Sun. Rain. Lightning. Thunder. Just Gorgeous. And the singing that emerges from the Mosques soothes my soul. The spiritual discipline inherent in every note awakens me. Not to mention the awesome technique required to pull off those riffs. I find that in the popular music too. The fluidity… Read More

Day One In Bahrain

You know how at Disneyland, they knock your socks off with those over the top rides. Spectacular and imposing. Breathtaking. Intimidating. Well, this is the real thing. Sublimely beautiful. Majestic. Eternal. Blending with the power of mother nature and the soul of an ancient people. And that’s just the first… Read More

Pilar In London

I am so not a tourist. I feel a little odd about it. I understand that there are all these amazingly beautiful and ancient things to look at. And if, on my way to the new Whole Foods on Brewer St., I happen to see some outrageous architecture or the… Read More