Almost Gone From Here, For Now

So I'm almost gone from here. For now.
Music calls.
The Flood devastation is beginning to subside, but only because the human spirit is indomitable - not because it isn't still depressing and overwhelming.
How do you rebuild earth?

The universe brought me to Glen Haven.
For so many reasons.
The Power Vortex of these Rocky Mountains. The animals, the silence.
The immense solitude.
For love. For passion.
To be around people who are kind and grounded and not after fame.
It crashed Pilar  into the earth.
It crashed me into the the purely physical and practical.
Things that heretofore had not had much of my regard or respect.
I Didn't really understand the practical world.
Savings accounts and plumbing. Now I would rather look at lag bolts than shop for clothing.
Had no idea there was SO much for me to learn.
Anyway now, I feel like the most blessed girl in the world.
A little musical mystic who lives mucking and designing road base on the new driveway. And now I get to go play in LA with wonderful musical beings.
I'll be in touch.
Thanks for listening.