I feel so excited about my life. I can feel wondrous things coming. Personally and professionally.

I turn 62 tomorrow and am more filled with love and enthusiasm than I have ever been. In ANY lifetime. Yes, I am one of those...

I feel the irrefutable sense of having been here before. The visceral, cellular memory of life in a body.


I feel a joyous focus, and purpose and, fun.

I was recently wondering why I am so into harnessing the business of my music. Why NOW?  When for DECADES I couldn't do it if my life had depended on it. 

How I wanted everyone else to do it for me. What an ego trip. My higher self knew I needed to stay away from the limelight - that I would not be able to move through my emotional/spiritual/sexual/financial healing if I HAD gone on the Johhny Carson show. But it was still difficult in the moment - year after year. Decade after decade.  Wondering if I was ever going to be able, at a larger level, to share my love through music. Not to mention having to figure out a way to stay and become even more vocally relevant. WHEW!  Muy Dificil! And as a songwriter. And to stay physically fit. And be the little Mystic I truly am.  Especially in the face of a culture that doesn't want to grow old. And a musical business that does not want me even to mention my age. When the very reason why I am feeling this lovely empowerment NOW is exactly because of my age.

It's not hard to be fabulous at 20 or 35. Or even 45. But 50 and beyond - Whew! - whatever beauty and sensuality and kindness you have is because you had better have TRULY INTERNALIZED IT. 

More on all this later. DUH!

Thank you for listening,