Snow, Snow, Snow!

I love snow.

It makes everything go inside - and quiet.

And deep creative thoughts begin to happen at an overwhelming rate of speed.

The mystic in me becomes heightened.

Songs - tons of song ideas.

Love and intimacy. Skin. New recording mic dreams. Tree planting dreams - Webstore and website dreams - and visions of my beautiful Elephant Rock Studios - complete - in the high colour of summer.

Quiet dreams (like Corcovado) of putting together a band playing all the jazz tunes I adore. And going to LA and recording all my new tunes. The tunes that pour through me here in the Rockies.


Wow I love it when it snows.

And then- when it’s quiet enough - for long enough- you start to wonder.

Is anything happening. Will any of these dreams come true?

And just like the moon when she disappears………

And you wonder……

And you miss her….

And you wonder…

and she comes back.

That’s how my dreams come true

Thanks for listening,