What it's like today

I feel the most exquisite power. Extreme clarity.
A potent delivery of all my dreams. 
An irrefutable lack of doubt. 
Every fiber in me knowing I have arrived. 
No effort. 
Finally, truly,
Feels so grand. 
None of that " well for now". No. Fuck you. This is for always. 
You see I'm not afraid of shadow or difficulty or the confrontation in bas relief. I welcome it. But nothing can stop this manifesting reality that I have been PRO ACTIVELY PURSUING for 36 years 5 months and  one day 
And all the non conscious days before that. 
Right next door to all that is the loss of something - a favourite something- a something I never wanted to lose. So the only way not to lose it is to love it beyond all measure and at the same time step into the this new life that has been calling me - forever   
I Am an emotional Olympian. 
Over this life, more than a few astrologers told me that I would, in my later years, become a legend. I feel the truth of that. I always thought it would be for singing - something to do with music. But now I see it's for the true science experiment that I am. Its for the extravagant achievement as a human being that I will be acclaimed. Because I had what it took to arrive. To get it right. 
The smarts, the vision,
The strength, the emotional access. The direct connect to divine. 
This love for my human self.