Who The Hell Knew?

I am in Houston  -  As In Texas! - and it is Hot!Hot in way I've never been around. Ever. Hot with a depletion quota higher than I could imagine. But even more shocking for me is getting used to sea level. It took me years finally to grasp the reality of Rocky Mountain Altitude. But surprisingly - just as challenging is learning how to sing with full oxygen.  Till now, I've been such a healing homebody that I haven't had the pleasure and mystery of all these different places.

Anyway, the songs are pouring through and I am now taking a role in my music on the BUSINESS level. Something I avoided for decades. Now, I am taking one baby step after another to get EVERY song I've ever sung on my Website Store (with a photo), to meet new collaborators, to sing and perform with new love and freshness, and to look for Representation.  The right  people for me. I feel ready for something very new and exciting.

      Thanks for listening,