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Killer Bee isn’t it? So I’ve had this idea for a song. Weeks and weeks it’s been furling around in me. And I’ve been waiting for it to unfurl. So yesterday my horse was having tooth surgery and I couldn’t handle the blood. So I went up into my studio, sat down - was lovin my equine patient - and out poured the chords that have been stirring in the body orchestral… I DRINK YOUR HEAT is the title - so now I’m gonna stir around for the second verse. I swear to god - song writing is like Xmas presents every day! Thanks for readin’

All Full

Now that you ask, yeah, I do think love is the most important value. It lasts. Everything else ends. I’ve always been interested in that which is eternal. And how the eternal lives in others and in me. I’ve always known that it lives in love and sexuality and in music. It lives in my music. But in these last years of dynamic personal and planetary change and evolution, I am finding the eternal in the physical! Who knew? The eternal in lag bolts and insulation. In drywall and two by fours. In dust and dirt and mucking every day. And I haven’t even gotten to nature and animals. Or my lover’s hands. Another time. My heart is full. Thanks for listening, Pilar

Pilar - Back in the USA

OK, I have finally figured out what continent I am on - and I am reasonably sure of the time zone I am in - I have had crispy chicken and long walks in the mountains. I have heard the birds sing in English and I have watched and enjoyed Boston Legal. All in all a good re-entry. I am still integrating my Journey abroad and enjoying planning which songs will go on the CD. I will keep you posted on both. Hope you are all well and inspired. In the quiet and green, Pilar

Pilar In Bahrain - Final Days


Last ride in Bahrain…for now. OK, I admit it. I don’t want to go back to the United States. Neither would you. Here, there are no helicopters. No sirens. No bike riders with helmets. No guns. No George Bush. The BBC actually talks about the rest of the world. The fish is fresh. I can walk alone in the Scorpio full moon evening without harassment. I can ride a horse in its ancient homeland, and the songs are pouring out of me. But music calls and I miss my loved ones, beautiful Mount Tam, and the crispy chicken at Whole Foods. There is so much life to live. So much risk to take. So much adventure. I feel soothed and inspired by this land. Bahrain: another home on planet earth. Gratefully, Pilar

Pilar Sings at Sunset

The venue was simple and gorgeous. A club on the harbour bay designed as a multi level yacht. A DJ pouring on such hot grooves that at first, instead of singing my own songs, all I wanted was to sing along with his. Young people drinking and laughing. Letting off steam from a week in who knows where doing who knows what. Talking and flirting and smoking Shisha. Letting the night do its magic….. Then I began to sing. First I sang to the sky. I sang to the rising moon. I sang to the lights and the night and the cool Arabian breeze as it caressed my body and swept away my shyness. Then I really sang for this international group. I sang for our dreams and our desires I sang for our loved ones. I sang for peace. I sang for the history of the world. I sang as I always sing. As prayer. And once again I confirm that I worship at the altar of the muse. In some strange way I am in the right place on this earth. I am a muse - lim Pilar

Pilar Bahrain Day 14

Wow, what a day I had in Bahrain today. Up close I got to pet the sweetest camel. Then as we drove the Causeway to Saudi Arabia! the camel herders were bringing about seventy of these amazing animals across the Highway. An unforgettable and beautiful image. Then I met a basket weaver who in the blink of an eye made wedding rings and finger snakes and the most beautiful & delicate book mark I have ever seen. All out of straw! I saw ancient burial grounds and a stunning Fort built by the Portuguese in the 1500’s. Stopped for delicious lunch and then on to see the largest Mosque in Bahrain. Staggeringly beautiful… And once again I am done in by the marble. This time Italian marble and French hand blown glass ceiling lamps. Oh my God, so to speak. And on top of it all - the resonance and echo in a space of that magnitude. Maybe I am not such a bad tourist after all. It just has to be presented on a silver platter by a master guide named Ahmed Fadhui. Pilar

Pilar Day 10 Bahrain

Sand, Sea, Sun. Rain. Lightning. Thunder. Just Gorgeous. And the singing that emerges from the Mosques soothes my soul. The spiritual discipline inherent in every note awakens me. Not to mention the awesome technique required to pull off those riffs. I find that in the popular music too. The fluidity of the human voice is an everyday occurrence in Arab music. Wow, to grow up listening to that kind of flexibility. And Grand Prix Formula One Racing on top of it all. This is a very exciting weekend. I have also been back to the Ritz Carlton as often as possible, because not only is it the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen, but I have a thing for the live Falcon that is sometimes there. Vrroom Vrrrooom from Bahrain, Pilar PS I am totally jazzed because my new website will be p this week. Check it out on the 17th. Pilarsings.com

Day One In Bahrain

You know how at Disneyland, they knock your socks off with those over the top rides. Spectacular and imposing. Breathtaking. Intimidating. Well, this is the real thing. Sublimely beautiful. Majestic. Eternal. Blending with the power of mother nature and the soul of an ancient people. And that’s just the first day! Pilar


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