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Pilar In London

I am so not a tourist. I feel a little odd about it. I understand that there are all these amazingly beautiful and ancient things to look at. And if, on my way to the new Whole Foods on Brewer St., I happen to see some outrageous architecture or the largest Apple store in the world, then I am perfectly happy to be impressed. But I am just not a museum girl. I am more interested in people things. I would rather play my flute for a friend, go to the dog park, or stay in my beautiful hotel room and work on a song. Oddly Yours, Pilar

Pilar In Manhattan

I am in the private lounge of the Shoreham Hotel, playing my flute, working on a new song, and waiting for my driver to whirl me off to the airport for my flight to London. I had the best steak of my life on Sunday across the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. “Well done” caused a bit of a stir, but they got over it. Walking down Madison Avenue from 55th to 10th, I encountered the New York Persian Day Parade. Horses and dancers and floats and music galore. On to Jolly Olde England. Ta, Pilar


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