Don`t Go

Don`t Go
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Don’t go – until the light of dawn has come
Don’t go
Don’t go – until it is my heart you’ve won
Don’t go

I waited all my life for you
And now you are beside me and I know it’s true
I opened up my soul and I’ve torn down what was inside me
To be here with you
So don’t go – not while the stars are still up in the sky
Don’t ever say goodbye

Don’t go – not while there’s so much more to say
Don’t go
Don’t go – I just can’t watch you walk away
Don’t go

I wandered all the distances
And never did I dare to dream that I would find you
Yet in my heart I always prayed that you’d find me
Then turn and leave the past behind you
So don’t go
Not while the look of love is in your eyes

The loneliness of being apart
And the joy of finding your heart
So don’t go – don’t go
Don’t every say goodbye