Faeries and Elves

Faeries and Elves
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Written & Produced by Michael Hatfield & Pilar

Walking in the forest I think I hear a sound
I stop where I am and I turn myself around
I stand on my tip toes and I look up a tree
And there is an elf and he’s calling out to me

He says, “hey friend, I’m glad that you came
Why don’t you climb up and tell me your name
I’ve been waiting here all day long
Hoping a nice friend would happen along”

Now I’m in the tree tops mister elf and I
We’re talking to the birds as they fly across the sky
When all of a sudden I turn around and see
A beautiful faerie who’s calling out to me

She says, “Hey friend, I'm glad that you came.
May I please join you and tell you my name.
I've been flying around all day long.
Hoping a nice friend would come fly along ”

Then from out of the bushes the animals came
All the deer and the owls, they were calling my name
“we’re happy to meet you, come join in our game
we’re so very glad you came”

Now I’m dancing in the forest
With each and every friend
And up above the clouds I see a rainbow’s end
When off in the distance I hear my father call
“won’t you hurry home, dear
and tell us what you saw?”

I went flying with the faeries and elves
And I saw the deer do a dance with the owls
I was singing the happiest song
‘cause so many wonderful friends came along

They said, “hey friend, we’re glad that you came
Thank you for coming to join in our game
We were waiting here all day long
Hoping a nice friend would happen along”

I was hoping a nice friend would happen along.